Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I'm really big on shooting Concerts so I need some of that on here.
I started out shooting local bands when I was in middle school with disposable cameras, and then I realized I really enjoyed photographing concerts more than just for memories sake. Thats pretty much what got me into photography. In high school I photographed for my yearbook all 4 years and thats what got me in my documentary style of shooting, having to shoot different events, from football games, pep rallies, dances, and club events. One summer during college, I contacted a venue in Ft. Lauderdale, Revolution, to see if I could photograph any of their shows, and Ryan Cabrera was coming. He's not someone I normally listen to, but it was a start. He was the first I shot that wasn't one of the many local bands I'd photographed in South Florida, and I didn't have a disposable camera anymore.
When I started my classes again, I volunteered for a company, TourFotos, and thanks to the great, concert photographer I was working for, Radko Keleman, he was able to get me in to photograph GWAR. Crazy experience. That was quiet a show!
So GWAR, was pretty much the first band I photographed. I've also had he pleasure of photographing Against Me!, Trivium, Saosin, and Silversun Pickups, to name a few.
I entered a Trivium photo contest they had, and got runner up - although there was probably a comment or two (not from me!) that said I should have won. That was pretty exciting.
Anyways, here are some shots:

(thats the Trivium one)

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